Holistic Wellness Counseling

JoAnn Padilla, LPCC


In my years of practice as a behavioral health therapist, I noticed that traditional 'talk therapy' wasn't always effective for everyone, so this led me to seek alternative methods.  I discovered a method called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  I learned this technique about three years ago.  For me personally, this technique has changed my life for the better.  With my clients I have seen a decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression.  What I like best about EFT is that once you learn it, you can do it yourself.  This means you have the power to change your own life without having to see a therapist for years.  One client stated, "EFT is even better than meditation."  While I have found that this is one of the best techniques out there, it may not be for everyone.  Through a collaborative team effort, we can decide together what will work well for you.

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